by Sim

support your girlgang

First of all, happy International Woman´s Day gurrrlies! I think you´ve already seen so many empowering quotes and gilrpower hashtags all over your feed, so I´m not going to write an essay on this topic, eventhough I think it´s important to talk about it, espiecially with everything that has been going on in the world lately.

But instead of that, I want to talk about support overall.

What terriefies me most is how we
foam at the mouth with envy
when others succeed 
but sigh in relief
when they are failing

our strugle to
celebrate each other is 
what´s proven most difficutlt
in being human

I can´t agree more with Rupi Kaur (btw you really need to read her book Milk and Honey!). After I came back home from USA, where I spent 1 year as an exchange student 6 years ago, I started to really recognize this issue then.

In States, I felt like every little success of mine was part of people around me as well and they didn´t hesitate to let me know they are happy for me. Maybe I was lucky being surrounded by kind poeple, but let´s be honest, you don´t really get random compliments from strange girls in a shopping mall that often in Central Europe. It might be related to our culture and history and it will probably take some more time, but I hope that after all, the envy and greed won´t overrun the kindness we all are born with. I don´t want to make any stereotypes, but I feel like the nature of our culture just comes in a way sometimes.

So what I want to say is: support each other, tell your friend she looks beautiful, tell a girl on a street that you like her hair, like that photo on Instagram that you really like but you are “too cool” to let the other person know, help your friend to get a job inverview, share your know-how, help others succeed, spread good word or just smile at each other and make each other stronger. And not only girl to girl, but as human to human.

And also, don´t forget to treat yourself! Like I did in G.Bar Bratislava, where I got these beautiful braids made. The girls there are so nice and friendly, I guarantee you will feel like a part of a girl gang. They also make beutiful manicure and all the girly stuff, so I definitely recommend to check it out. And look at the beautiful interior! Pink color everywhere, so of course we had to do a little photosession with Welin.

Hope you like the pictures and relate to my thoughts.




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